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'Rural Child Education Project' for Children in Myanmar

This is the website of the Rural Child Education Project charity.

This is a 'beta' website.  We are still developing the website content and structure and starting up the charity, so please bookmark this site and call back soon. You can leave your comments in the guestbook - see 'Contact Us', or 'Help' pages.


Summary of project

The Rural Child Education Project aims to raise funds for the building and maintenance of primary schools in rural areas of Myanmar.  The Rural Child Education Project charity has been established in the United Kingdom to focus on world-wide fund-raising from the overseas Myanmar communities, whereas the building construction and educational work will be carried out entirely by local people in Myanmar. 

The Rural Child Educational Project is mindful of the sensitive nature of working within Myanmar but remains committed to helping the people of Myanmar to help themselves in building their own future.  The Rural Child Education Project is willing to work with existing aid agencies and other charities to help implement the aims of the Rural Child Education Project charity.

Many rural districts in Myanmar currently have only basic education facilities and the qualifications are not recognized by the state education authorities.  Bringing the children into a monastery based school will enable a structured education to be provided within the national curriculum.  Also, providing dormitory accommodation for the children during school terms will ensure that we can provide basic healthcare, welfare and nutrition.

The situation in Myanmar is that over 40% of children in rural areas cannot start school.  Of those who do start, less than 40% complete the first 5 years of education.  In most of the rural villages in Shan States there are few adequate schools for the children.  Most children in rural areas do not have access to even basic primary education. 

The first aim of this project is to build a school and dormitory accommodation for 200 children from a number of villages in the Shan States of eastern Myanmar, teaching both boys and girls.  The school will be developed with the assistance of the local temple and the children will be taught by qualified teachers.  It is estimated that two separate buildings will be required; a two-storey school building with four classrooms, areas for teacherís preparation and storage facilities, the school principalís room and a visitor welcoming area.  A separate two-storey dormitory building will be required for accommodation of up to 100 boys and up to 100 girls.

The capital cost of the buildings is estimated at US$ xxx,xxx, and the on-going revenue costs at US$ xx,xxx per year (cost currently being assessed, based on field survey).  The Rural Child Education Program project team of local people under the direction of the Temple and school management committee will be responsible for overseeing the construction and operation of the project in Myanmar.  Inadequate teachers with suitable qualifications and supportive attitudes will be recruited for the teaching resources.  Monks from the local Temple monastery will provide religious instruction and moral guidance; and will also supervise the on-site accommodation and the welfare of the children.

The curriculum will adhere to the national guidelines provided by the government to provide basic primary education in reading, writing and arithmetic.  Classes in a foreign language will be included (English or Chinese).  The school hopes to provide computer literacy and usage instruction when resources are available.  The educational aim of the school is to provide a comprehensive range of skills for these children to enable them to grow in themselves and to provide them with the skills for life; hence the classes will include academic, artistic, recreational sports, practical and social life skills classes.

This project will enable the local people to develop their educational facilities without relying on outside aid agencies.  Money donated to this project will go directly to the management committee responsible for building the school and dormitory buildings.  Once the first project has been completed further sites will be sought to build more facilities.  This grass roots approach to providing assistance for the people of Myanmar will foster self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  On-going costs will be met initially by the Rural Child Education Project. 

The Rural Child Education Project aims to raise sufficient funds for the first building work to commence in early 2007.  Please review the information provided here, or contact us for further information.  We are starting fund raising now, so when you wish to donate please contact us or use the donation page of this website.  If you wish to become involved in fund-raising or organization of the Rural Child Education Project charity, then please contact us now.


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